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Basic Food Handlers
Certificate Program includes:
  • Basic Food Safety Online Training Course - Study at Your Own Pace!
  • Access to Practice Tests
  • Unlimited test attempts to earn a passing score
  • Immediate access to Print or Download your Food Handler's Certificate - valid for 0 years
  • Mail order options available for purchase
  • Live Chat Help: 24 x 7 customer support

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To earn your CALIFORNIA Food Handler's Certificate, you must first complete the Basic Food Safety Training Course. Please select one of the course options below to begin. For course details, please visit Course Overview.

Choose an option below:

Both courses can be taken on mobile/desktop devices. The text-based course contains no video elements.

Take Test

After you've completed the Basic Food Safety Training Course, you can move on to the final test. This exam will assess your understanding of the food safety concepts covered the Course.

  • To pass the test, you must earn a score of 28 out of 40 questions. Your certificate will be issued once you've earned a passing score.
  • Participants are allowed unlimited test attempts until you pass. However, after 2 failed test attempts, you must re-take the course before taking the test again.
  • Practice Tests are also Available

Print or Download Certificate

In this state, your certificate is valid for 0 years. Once you pass the test, you will get immediate access to Print or Download your certificate. No Printer-No Problem! You can purchase a mailed copy of your certificate by selecting MAIL ORDER on the Print / Download page.

For more information, please review our PRINT/DOWNLOAD policy.

Supplemental Training Courses

Supplemental Training Modules must be completed in one sitting. Progress will not be saved.